The τ Project under Flutter.

τ under Flutter

Flutter Sound

pub version

Flutter Sound is the first (and actually the only) implementation of the τ Project. This Flutter plugin is supported by :

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Flutter Web

Maybe, one day, we will be supported by Linux, Macos, and even (why not) Windows. But this is not top of our priorities.


Flutter Sound branches

We actually maintain two branches for Flutter Sound :

  • The V6 branch (the version ^6.0.0)
  • The master branch (actually the version ^7.0.0). The master branch can sometimes introduce backward compatibility issues and be sometime not completely stable.

SDK requirements

  • Flutter Sound requires an iOS 10.0 SDK (or later)
  • Flutter Sound requires an Android 21 (or later)

Examples (Demo Apps)

Flutter Sound comes with several Demo/Examples :

The examples App is a driver which can call all the various examples.