The τ Recorder API



focus: parameter possible values are

  • AudioFocus.requestFocus (request focus, but do not do anything special with others App)
  • AudioFocus.requestFocusAndStopOthers (your app will have exclusive use of the output audio)
  • AudioFocus.requestFocusAndDuckOthers (if another App like Spotify use the output audio, its volume will be lowered)
  • AudioFocus.requestFocusAndKeepOthers (your App will play sound above others App)
  • AudioFocus.requestFocusAndInterruptSpokenAudioAndMixWithOthers
  • AudioFocus.requestFocusTransient (for Android)
  • AudioFocus.requestFocusTransientExclusive (for Android)
  • AudioFocus.abandonFocus (Your App will not have anymore the audio focus)

Other parameters :

Please look to openAudioSession() to understand the meaning of the other parameters


        myPlayer.setAudioFocus(focus: AudioFocus.requestFocusAndDuckOthers);
        Lorem ipsum ...

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