Flutter Sound Helpers API


This verb is useful to convert a sound file to a new format.

  • infile is the file path of the file you want to convert
  • codecin is the actual file format
  • outfile is the path of the file you want to create
  • codecout is the new file format

Be careful : outfile and codecout must be compatible. The output file extension must be a correct file extension for the new format.

Note : this verb uses FFmpeg and is not available int the LITE flavor of Flutter Sound.


        String inputFile = '$myInputPath/bar.wav';
        var tempDir = await getTemporaryDirectory();
        String outpufFile = '${tempDir.path}/$foo.mp3';
        await flutterSoundHelper.convertFile(inputFile, codec.pcm16WAV, outputFile, Codec.mp3)
        Lorem ipsum ...